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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Funke Akindele Criticizes ‘Baddies’ Trend on Social Media

Nollywood actress and producer Funke Akindele has voiced her concerns over the ‘baddies’ trend among females on social media.

In a recent interview with Arise TV, Akindele expressed worry about the emphasis on flaunting bodies and luxurious lifestyles. She emphasized the importance of content creators delivering positive messages to their audience, not just entertainment.

Akindele advised fans to be mindful of the content they consume, urging them to look beyond superficial displays. She questioned the authenticity of such displays, reminding viewers that not everything on social media is genuine.

“I enjoy beautiful content, but it’s crucial to watch what you produce,” Akindele stated. “Focus on your brand and the message you want to convey. As a content creator, you must positively influence lives. And as a viewer, be critical of what you consume. Not everything you see online is real.”

She continued, “I’m worried about these ‘baddies’ who don’t showcase their intellect. We need to see positive, meaningful content that people can be proud of. Fashion is fine, but what else do you have to offer? Even if you’re a dancer, what other talents or messages are you sharing?”

Akindele’s comments call for a shift towards more substantial and inspiring content on social media.

Sodiq Soda
Sodiq Soda
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