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Tems: Nigerians Don’t Understand My Music

Temilade Openiyi, Tems, a Grammy-winning Nigerian musician, has said that her music is incomprehensible to Nigerians.

She stated she feels valued as a person by Nigerians, but she is not sure if her fellow countrymen enjoy her music.

This was said by the Oscar-nominated musician in the “Flow with Korty” promo for the forthcoming episode.

“I feel like Nigerians value me as a person, but I don’t know if they understand my music or appreciate it,” she remarked.

“As a Nigerian, doing my kind of music is unheard of in Nigeria.”

Tems emphasized that she is in the music business to “work,” adding that she has no desire in serving as a sex symbol.

The R&B singer admitted, “I wasn’t always fond of my figure. I’ll aid you if my attractiveness is upsetting you. I go to the studios dressed in loose clothing and in my alpha phase since I don’t want to entice you.

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